After all, I often follow the news, what’s new Netflix offer to new users. Recently, the ‘special’ episode of the Black Mirror series has also been added to the library. How it worked out? The first steps of its launch were largely similar to the spoiler of the episode itself…

One and a half hour of the movie is some time. So before starting a typical Netflix & Chill, I decided to prepare and invest in crisps and Coke. After all, everyone likes watching movies or TV series on the big screen, right? I did not expect just one problem. Receiving the error “The movie can not be run on this device” in the application on the TV … Well, it happens, there is no ideal software. So I decided to use Chromecast, which was connected in the second room. Unfortunately, after wasting another 30 minutes while connecting the device, receiving the same error and further attempts to stream the same image also from the phone, I had no choice to run Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on a laptop (I do not mention here searching for miniHDMI -> HDMI adapter all over the house). Unfortunately, the apparent selection of devices on which one can view a given production failed me a bit. However, I decided, to go further and watch Bandersnatch with a touchpad in hand, because I was too tired to look for a wireless mouse at home.

Impressions after watching Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Do not kid yourself. I am aware of the fact that I am addicted to unlocking any reasonably possible ending in games such as Heavy Rain, Life is Strange, Detroit, Mass Effect or The Walking Dead … Therefore, I spent some time on this movie to watch the five main endings (there are more of them, although they are similar to each other). What I liked about the system of choice is its simplicity and the possibility of withdrawing history to previous elections. The very plot of the film is interesting, introduces us to the world of the ’90s, and the sign of choosing a straight path YES / NO becomes a persecutor of our hero (who at one point is aware of the fourth wall – though I will let you discover this Easter Egg). The film itself gives a bit of thought, after all, as per the real episode of Black Mirror, I think I would rate a solid 5/7, hoping that Netflix would continue to produce this type of special episodes. wider scale.

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