Huawei, like other Chinese manufacturers, has a stuck with the US administration. Not so long ago, the directors of the largest US intelligence agencies have made unfounded accusations towards Huawei and ZTE. Both manufacturers of telecommunications equipment are suspicious of practices threatening the security of the state. However, Huawei cooperates with operators from around the world, including states that are US allies. A few of them decided to speak on the matter and support the Chinese producer.

There are three big players on the base station manufacturers market. These are Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei. It is their equipment that is located in worldwide LTE networks. However, now we are dealing with the proverbial arms race, because each of the major players is conducting advanced work on 5G technology. At the same time, smaller players like Samsung and ZTE are also trying their luck in this battle. However, Donald Trump’s administration does not trust any company from China. Therefore, some officials have developed a preliminary plan to build a 5G nationalist network that would be managed by the government, and operators could lease state infrastructure. This idea has little chance of being implemented. However, the US government is consistent in its endeavors, which resulted in the fact that two large operators (AT & T and Verizon) have solved the contracts for the sale of smartphones signed with Huawei.

Operators from Canada and Europe have not detected the spy behavior of Huawei

Bell Canada has been using Huawei base stations for 10 years. During this time, the operator has not recorded any incident related to the breach of network security and customer privacy. Meanwhile, an independent company performs a security audit from time to time used by the equipment operator. No backdoor or malicious code was found. Bruce Rodin (vice president of Bell Canada) believes that the United States wants to protect their industry in this way. Huawei devices are also found in the networks of European operators. Deutsche Telekom (German T-Mobile) cooperates with Huawei at many levels and no safety issues have been identified. On the other hand, Orange applies the same security measures to Huawei as any other supplier. Thomas Jarzombek (one of Angela Merkel’s coworkers) pointed out that last year we learned which country has the best specialists in the field of spying. British Prime Minister Theresa May also supports Huawei.

Directors of the CIA, FBI and NSA may not trust Huawei. However, their opinions can not inhibit the development of new technologies. Operators around the world employ their security specialists who carefully look at the devices provided by all manufacturers. It does not matter if this equipment comes from the United States or China.

Source: Reuters

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