The scandal around the Korean company has been going a few months. Jokes about exploding phones are known everywhere. It is causing and will cause a huge financial and reputation losses. Everyone had hoped that Samsung discern the topic and at least they will inform about the reason of this failure. The problem, however, is the fact that the Koreans do not know why Galaxy Note 7 mobiles explode. This is not something funny, because the same situation could happen to other manufacturer.

It turns out that the lack of identification of hazards associated with explosive Note 7 does not bode well for the next Samsung products.

Koreans had recorded a huge financial looses because of Galaxy Note 7 failure. Declines in the stock market has already reached $20 billion and it is not probably the end. The whole replacement action costed $5 billion. The funny thing is that Samsung apparently does not intend to withdraw the Note series from the sale. I am not talking of course about the Note 7 model. This mobile was withdrawn everywhere except Taiwan, where it can be bought at a very bargain price. The Wall Street Journal became interested in the issue of exploding phones and all the marketing, which will now be accompanied by a giant of smartphone market. It turns out that it is even considered halting work on the Samsung Galaxy S8. This is not good news for connoisseurs of the brand. Personally I would rather to wait more time to get my favorite new phone than get a bomb gift. Samsung is working on this very carefully. They want to make sure that you do not send out to the market another failed smartphone. This would be like a shot in the knee. After such an action Samsung would never get back the trust of customers and it would be the end of this great mobile brand. To me, Samsung is such a cool competition for Apple and forces them to work harder. After all, people are convinced that on the smartphone market we have only Samsung and Apple and rest of manufacturer copy solutions from these two. Samsung wants to Galaxy S8 be the redemption of wines and to let users forget about an explosive affair. Will they forget? I do not think so! Such cases always remain in the memory.

Samsung is still investigating the reason of Galaxy Note 7 issue.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, at this moment the company still does not know what causes the over heating of Galaxy Note 7. Samsung’s engineers are not able to reproduce the issue in the lab. Such an approach to the problem may raise not only surprise, but also concern of the customers. It is not excluded that the error is related to the battery, although there is no certainty. I bet that that Samsung has already assigned the best engineers to this and they promise that soon we will find out what was the cause of the explosions.

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