Better late than never. From some time, we have known that Super Mario Run is supposed to hit Android in March. The official release date of this game, i.e. 23rd March, was revealed some time ago. Super Mario Run has been available on Apple devices since December last year, so it was 3.5 months of a temporary exclusivity for iOS. Nintendo’s new mobile game has reached pretty good financial results after the premiere.

Super Mario Run earned $53 million in the first month after the premiere. You have to admit that this is a pretty good result for such a simple mobile game. However, Nintendo has already noticed a small problem in this business model. Collaboration with Apple was very fruitful because Super Mario Run game was downloaded on 78 million iOS devices. The result was stunning, because this game was the most popular AppStore application for almost 2 weeks after its premiere.

Approximately 5% of players decided to buy the full version of Super Mario Run

We are just getting to the bottom of the problem. Nintendo executives expected this to be 10%. Interesting how it will look in case of Android users. They are rather less willing to pay for apps. Super Mario Run will of course be available for free to download, but it will actually be a demo version with several levels. To unlock all levels and characters, you will have to pay $10. Unfortunately, Nintendo has no plans when it comes to developing new levels for this game. That is why I am not surprised by the opinions of many players who think that Super Mario Run costs just too much. This is a very simple game, which is quite bored quickly. In the AppStore and the Google Play store, we can buy much more advanced titles for that price.

Nintendo is resigning from the Super Mario Run business model

Unfortunately, this does not mean that Android users will have better situation. They will also have to pay $10 to play the full version of Super Mario Run. Nintendo has announced that they will release version 2.0.0 in AppStore, but it will most likely include the patch itself. The situation is different with the latest Nintendo mobile game, i.e. Fire Emblem: Heroes. Here we are dealing with a system of micro payments known from Pokemon GO. So the whole game is available for free, but the producer has placed in it the possibility to purchase items that make the game easier. The whole thing is that the micro payments are not too intrusive. In the case of Pokemon GO it worked out. If the financial results of Fire Emblem: Heroes will be satisfactory, then certainly Nintendo will remain with this strategy.

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