Mobile Internet data packages have slashed in recent years. However, it was also related to the change of our habits to use the Internet in the phone. Therefore, many smartphone users have a problem with constantly consuming data packages. It is for such people that Google has prepared the application Datally, which monitors and limits the transfer of mobile data.

At the very beginning Datally may seem like an application that does not bring anything new. The Android system itself monitors how we use the mobile Internet. Everyone can also set appropriate alarm thresholds, which will warn us against approaching the limit of our data package. The operating system also shows the consumption of data by individual applications and allows you to disable data transmission via the cellular network for selected programs. However, these options are often difficult to access. That’s why Google has prepared the application Datally, which does the same, but all you need are easily accessible.

The Datally app works on smartphones with Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer.

From the technical side of Datally, it does not differ much from the previous Triangle test released by Google, which appeared in June this year. However, it was only available in the Philippines where tests were conducted. It turned out that the Filipinos using the Google program were able to save up to 30% of the data sent over the cellular network. Datally operates using a VPN server, which is used to accurately measure the amount of data transferred and block selected connections. The most interesting seems to be the option of searching for nearby open Wi-Fi points, which are later evaluated by users. In the Play store you will find many applications with similar functionality. However, Datally stands out with a clear interface and ease of use.

Source: Google

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