Apple together with the new iOS 11 has provided for developers also ARKit. This is the engine that lets you easily write mobile apps to Cupertino devices using augmented reality. Developers have prepared a number of games, virtual rulers, star constellations viewers, furniture purchasing assistants etc. PinDrive is a helpful assistant which can you find where you have packed a car.

Enhanced reality apps use the smartphone camera to place virtual objects in the real world. PinDrive works in a fairly simple way. Once you have parked your car, you have to walk away from it for a few steps, then run the application and apply the pin to the vehicle. Later, when you will look for your parking place, launch the app and check using a camera where is the pin. This way you can easily find your car in a crowded parking.

PinDrive will be a useful people who forget where they left their car.

More and more cars are arriving in our cities every year, what causes that we have larger and more crowded parking lots. Therefore, some people sometimes have trouble finding car parked several hours earlier. True, there are several parking assistants in the mobile application market that do not use ARKit or another augmented reality system, but they rely only on GPS coordinates. However, PinDrive is much more accurate. Unfortunately, this app is only available to iPhone owners who already have installed the new versions of iOS. Of course Google could develop a similar framework and implement it in the latest version of Android. However, it would not meet the immediate interest of developers due to the fragmentation problem. Only after a year would there have been more AR applications since there would be too few devices supporting the new framework.

Source: PhoneArena

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