Microsoft and Apple fight with each other forever. This never ending war had been started when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates was young. However, despite the changes in the boards of both companies continue competing fiercely with each other. Sometimes this competition is funny.

Apple has released the commercial with iPad Pro presented as a computer. They clearly said that iPad Pro with keyboard can do the same things as your computer. In my opinion, this is very brave and not entirely true statement. I know that most people use their computers for web browsing, chatting, online video watching etc. However, the real computer can do much more.

Microsoft claims that iPad Pro is only a tablet with keyboard, nothing more.

Microsoft is convinced that adding to the iPad keyboard does not transform it into a computer and in general iPad Pro can not compete with Surface. Specially for this occasion, Microsoft prepared advertising where mock voice assistant Siri and poor performance of Apple hardware. Boast that their Surface is Intel i7, Office, and we want an assistant, they have yet sweet Cortana. No one took into account, however, that outside of these great gadgets Surface is something that not every user can sweep – that is, Windows on board. In this case, however, I prefer Apple hardware.

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