Today, I have got news for Battlefiled fans. The newest version of this game – Battlefield 1 is the most expected title of this year.

EA Sports company has released a trailer of Battlefield 1 to the network for the occasion Gamescom 2016. You can watch new multiplayer map which will be available during upcoming Battlefield 1 open beta. The open deserts of northern Africa are shown, along with massive European valleys where biplanes exchange machine gun fire between snowy peaks.

Battlefield 1 is set to include a grand total of 10 multiplayer maps and 8 game modes.

Beta version will be able at August, 31th. People, who will join to insiders group would play from August, 21th. If you would like to do it, you have to open Battlefield official site and join to test (of course you should check a platform: XBOX, PS4 or Origin). A beta version will be available on all platforms. During the open beta test you will be able to fight on two maps: Conquest (for up to 64 players) and Assault (for 24 players). For fans, EA will upload special game play on August, 16th. I can not wait.

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