Cloud based mobile application deweloping companies have one clear lesson learned from this summer. If you develop very popular application, then you need also very powerful servers which will be able to handle the whole traffic. For an example Niantic servers were not able to provide the service for all Pokemon Go players. Now, Prisma application has the same problem.

Couple days ago Prisma application has been released for Android devices.

At the beginning, Prisma app was available only for iOS devices. A lot of people loved this application and its artistic filters. Therefore, developers have decided to prepare Android version of Prisma. We did not have to wait too long for the release. Prisma is available in Google Play store for 3 days. Unfortunately, its popularity exceeded all expectations and Prisma servers are not able to convert your photos at the moment.

Prisma is cloud application, so all operations are performed at its servers.

These artistic filters require a lot of computing power, so mobile devices are not able to handle this. Therefore, Prisma application sends original photo to the server and then it is processed by computing cloud and you download the final result. Currently, Prisma servers are out of capacity, so all photos are processing slowly and you can see a lot of error messages. Fortunately, Prisma’s developers have promised that these problems will be solved in a couple of days. Also, they have confirmed that modern smartphones are not able to handle the image processing, because it requires a lot of GPU power.

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