Some of application which you can download from Google Play store are very heavy. I know that we all have super fast LTE mobile Internet, but we pay for every transferred byte. Fortunately, Google has decided to save our money and time. They have will introduce new algorithm which will decrease the size of updates.

Some time ago, Google has published on its blog information about Bsdiff algorithm.

How does it work? Fortunately, Application’s developers do not have to do anything. New algorithm will analyze every app update and it will extract new elements of APK file. Therefore, your smartphone will not download the whole APK files with new version. Only APK file with new content will be downloaded. Thanks to this approach the updates can be decreased up to 65%. This will save not only yours mobile data plans. In my opinion, the new Bsdiff algorithm will be the most beneficial to him to Google itself. Why? Because, they will save a lot of money on servers and Internet links usage. It will also increase the battery lifetime of our smartphones, because less transferred data means less consumed power. This is simply win-win situation.

Bsdiff algorithm will be compatible with APK files larger than 2 GB.

It is hard to believe, but some Android application may be larger than 2 GB. Google  also does not recommend compression of native libraries used in applications. To be honest, this make a sense, because every compressed library has to be decompressed by a smartphone. However, you should not worry too much that you download the game what will consume most of your mobile data plan. Google Play store will display information about the size application before you will decide to download it. This is very positive change.

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