It is widely known that the NVIDIA graphic cards always had two versions of their cards. The basic version and Ti, better, more optimized and overclocked version. And so this time, the release of the GeForce GTX 1080, that was in May this year. For half year, there were rumors that talked about the coming version of “Ti”. As it turned out, streams have become a reality, and this was confirmed through job offer issued by Great Green Team.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 is certainly powerful, but also an expensive system, for which can afford the most demanding players. This is clearly not an obstacle for people who crave so much rendering power, especially when they want to use it with a combination of two models of the same card at the bridge. It’s best dedicated to processing with photos, videos or the rendering of graphics in gaming AAA or ever VR. Until now, it was the strongest card offered by NVIDIA, but as it turned out, there comes its successor. According to unofficial information, we already know that the new version will have 3328 CUDA cores and 12 GB of DDR5 VRAM. Memory bandwidth will amount to 384 GB / s, and the timing was increased to 1503 MHz and 1623 MHz in Boost mode.

Nothing is lost in the Internet

Following this fact, we can already guess what it is. For a long time, we already knew the probable specifications of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti, but now we are sure of its release. And it’s all because of one simple job advertisements, issued and offered from Nvidia. As you know, nothing is lost on the Internet, too, and it was placed on the community forums, and from there into the wide world. All thanks to great Reddit.

Well, it shows one thing. Information transmitted from the company, really can quickly get to the Internet and it has not come out. Cache, and the same unforgiving internet never forgets the mistakes of known network users. For holders of Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti good news it is also that, they will receive priority in the pre-release orders. Although unfortunately still don’t know whether the option will be concurrent with the offer of “Step Up”.

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