Prisma application is very popular among social media users. People just love to use artistic filters on their photos. The proof of this popularity is the fact that Prisma servers had serious capacity issues after Android version premiere. Fortunately, the situation is under control and it operates with normal speed.

Also, you can find a lot of Prisma application clones. However, the original Prisma offers the most advanced filtering algorithms thanks its computing cloud. You have to remember, that Prisma effects require a lot of GPU power, so it can not be handled by a smartphone itself. A photo has to be uploaded to the cloud. Fortunately, Prisma developers do not rest on their laurels and they are working on new features.

The newest Prisma version allows you to rotate and crop your photo. However, the most interesting is the functionality which control the blend between the original and the filtered photo versions.  If you have installed the Prisma app from one of official stores (Google Play for Android or Apple AppStore for iOS devices), then it should update itself automatically. Just make sure, that you have the newest available version and enjoy it.

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