Players have always been combining how to make the multiplayer games easier. In the network you can find many tips on how to set a given game for better results. However, some Battlefield V players have gone too far, and they have modified the game’s settings so that it looks like Fortnite. DICE recognized this as a fraud and began banning the combinators’ accounts.

Is lowering graphic details to facilitate the game is a scam? I remember correctly how, in CS 1.5, I reduced the smoke quality to a minimum, adjusted the speed of the mouse and set the weapon “on the left hand”. The same was done by other players and no one considered us as cheaters. However, how players modify the settings of the latest Battlefield, exceeds the standards accepted in the gaming environment. Players have modified the graphics driver settings so that the BF V looks like a cartoon game, not a realistic FPS. At first glance, you can see that playing on such settings is a great convenience.

DICE does not accept drivers that modify the appearance of Battlefield V

Graphic details set below the limits adopted by the developers make the game much easier. Dense bushes, trees and other natural hiding places can not be seen on the screen. Everything can be seen in the palm of your hand. Even flares from enemies’ weapons that are far away from us. Thanks to this dishonest player has no problems with noticing and eliminating opponents. DICE admitted that changing graphic settings may give a small advantage, but it falls within the accepted standards.

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