Niantic prepares for Pokémon Trainers GO a pretty big present for the coming summer. It is quite likely that in July we will see a big update, which will finally bring long-awaited functionalities. There are raids, PvP fights, trade between players and the co-operation mode. This means that Pokemon GO is going to become a full-fledged multiplayer game. Better late than never.

We all know that the first version of Pokemon GO released by Niantic 9 months ago was really a playable beta. Studio planned much more functionalities, but the game had to start earn some money. The best part is that this planed worked and the studio were able to continue work on Pokemon GO.

Niantic representatives revealed several details during an interview with K-Tai Watch.

The information comes from the heads of the Niantic’s Asian department, namely Yoshiji Kawashima (Asian General Manager) and Kenji Suka (Asian General Marketing Manager). No specifics have yet been released regarding the release date of the planned changes, but the co-operation features are scheduled to appear later this spring. There are also several events planned for this year which will be similar to the Water Festival. However, the biggest surprise will be ready for the summer. I think that this is related with the first anniversary of the Pokemon GO release.

Niantic also works closely with local authorities from different countries in order to organize larger events. One of them was a Lapras event in the Tohoku (Japan). This region was impacted by a tsunami, which damaged nuclear power plants. The certainty of catching the rare Pokémon, Lapras, was supposed to attract tourists.

Changes in gym fights are visible in fragments of Pokemon GO game code.

Information about the cooperation has already appeared several times. Recently Reddit users have found in the game code new messages:

  • “{0} lost a battle!”
  • “{0} was defeated in battle!”
  • “{0} fainted at the Gym!”
  • “{0} is back after a hard battle!”
  • “{0} was forced off the Gym!”
  • “{0} has fought hard and returned!”
  • “{0} is hungry!”
  • “{0} needs a pick-me-up!”
  • “{0} wants a berry!
  • “{0} was victorious in battle!”
  • “{0} has triumphed over your opponents!”
  • “{0} defended the Gym!”
  • “There’s a raid about to start near you!”
  • “A raid’s going to start nearby!”
  • “Nearby raid starting soon!”

Everyone wonders what that means. It is quite possible that we will have very challenging fights in the Gyms. Players will have to work together to win the battle. In MMO games we often deal with raids. I wonder how this will look in Pokemon GO.

Source: Android Central

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