Realtech VR decided to celebrate the premiere of Tomb Raider in a rather interesting way. Lara Croft fans will receive a fairly nice gift on the Steam platform, which is a refreshed version of the first 3 series, which were released in the late 90s. Developers have improved the entire graphics, leaving the original game physics. The games will be available for free, but only for people who in their collection have prototypes issued for the DOS system.

Lara Croft is one of the most recognizable computer characters. The archaeologist’s success began in 1996 when the first part of the series was released for Sony PlayStation and DOS computers. Modern players can buy it using the Steam platform. However, the first views of Tomb Raider are run using the DOS emulator, which sometimes causes problems. In turn, the version prepared by Realtech VR studio is based on a new 3D engine that supports OpenVR and new controllers. In addition, textures, graphic effects, lighting and shading have been improved. However, the entire game mechanics remained from the originals. That’s why we’re dealing here with an advanced modem rather than a typical remaster.

The first parts of Tomb Raider cost $6.99 each

If you want to recall the first parts of the series, or you have not had the opportunity to play them before, you will spend about $21. I would not be surprised if Steam was preparing a promotion for us to encourage players to buy. The project itself has already been announced a year ago, but it was said about a completely unofficial undertaking. Below you can read the recordings published at that time. They are not great, but during the year many details could be corrected. The official new materials from the Realtech VR studio will be presented next month. Perhaps we will also know the release date.

Source: eTeknix

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