So it happened PlayStation VR won 30% of the market of virtual reality goggles. It is really quite a success, looking at the competition ahead of it, even in the form of Oculus Rift, which has 11% of the market and HTC Vive having 6%. Analyzing offer each of these productions, I always have one conclusion. The price which you have to pay for these wonderful glasses, is a real competition for the top devices used to expand our set of virtual reality.

However, the price of the equipment VR does not define the best product.

After the release of the trailer for Sony and its analysis, I can confidently say that it will happen. The manufacturer will have to offer a lot more than the standard testing VR games, like horror or FPS. To offer games and genres Sony adds and shows developers opportunities and ideas for productions. We find them in concerts Hatsune Miku, mechs battle, dynamic FPS, or navigate the space adding to the fighting and racing straight from Star Wars.

There is a lot of ideas for games for PlayStation VR.

Of course, you know, most games made for Sony consoles are dependent on 3dpart developers. In my opinion this is a really good initiative from their side. It is always good to find some freshness on console, which is not drawn by the companies involved in large series where the most important aspects are amazing graphics and powerful engine. Such, for example, is a series of Atelier, one of the better jRPG available on the market, as well as the mass of Visual Novel that its history really is breathtaking. Or actually, we will see times where the tactics used on dates we will explore the new genre VR Novel, connecting with Date Simulator? Anyway, the gaming world is not on the wrong track. Sometimes it seems that consoles will win the VR race.

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